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主 演:David Morrissey.

集 数:4集 导 演:Simon Berthon

状 态: 编 剧:Simon Berthon

年 份:2005 地 区:英国

首播时间: 首播平台:

类 型:历史,战争

剧情吧注:WWIIwasnotjustamilitaryconflict.Itwasalsoaseriesofpsychologicalbattleswagedbyitsfourleaders:Hitler,Stalin,FDR,andChurchi... 详细介绍


WWII was not just a military conflict. It was also a series of psychological battles waged by its four leaders: Hitler, Stalin, FDR, and Churchill. Based on the book by Simon Berthon and Joanna Potts, this acclaimed documentary series examines WWII from a completely unique perspective. Inter-weaving the leaders’ own words with personal recollections and private diaries, it reveals the four warlords as fascinating, flawed, and fully human. “Gripping”—The Times (UK). Narrated by David Morrissey.
  "Warlords (2005) is a very informative and sometimes amusing documentary mini-series from England that shows how uneasy everything was. Of course, the Allied vs. Axis leaders are obvious, plus we know how Hitler betrayed Stalin as expected. But here are the titles of the shows:
  1) Hitler v. Stalin, August 1939 – 1941
  2) Churchill v. Roosevelt, May 1940 – April 1942
  3) Churchill v. Stalin, June 1941 – June 1944
  4) Roosevelt v. Stalin, July 1944 – April 1945
  The “one of these things don’t belong here” surprise is #2, that FDR and Churchill had more problems than you hear about. FDR was so pro-Liberal that he questioned the need for a Monarchy and was unhappy with the situation in India, one that Churchill was so pro-Royal about that he openly bashed Gandhi in one of his all-time faux pas. Either way, that chapter/episode makes this set better than most on the subject, though it cannot escape repeating so much documentation on the subject already. Either way, it is worth seeing all the way through at least once and is recommended."
  - Nicholas Sheffo on www.fulvuedrive-in.com